• Commercial license is included for sales under 500.
• For sales more than 500 you must purchase the Extended License.
• It is not necessary to credit Lilly Bimble but it is always appreciated.
• You can use these digitals for all your PERSONAL digital scrapbooking, invitations, cards, collages and crafts.
• You can use these digitals for COMMERCIAL sales as long as they are incorporated into
your own creation. You must add your own elements to create something new.
• The digital files are not to be resold as is.
• These files are for the purchaser to use only and are not to be shared among computers.
• Lilly Bimble reserves the right to amend these terms of use at any time.
• By purchasing these digitals you are not purchasing the rights.
• All copyrights are retained by Lilly Bimble

You can use Lilly Bimble Clipart & Digital Paper either for non-profit (personal use) or commercially. To sell commercially using Lilly Bimble Clipart or Digital Patterns all files must be flattened and enough of your own elements added to make it a New Design.

Includes Invitations, Cupcake Toppers, Printable Party Kits, Wall Art, Planner Stickers and any other digital printable file.
• All files must be flattened and enough of your own creativity added to make it a new design
• Files must be sold as flattened JPEG or PDF files.
• You can only sell digital creations to your customers for their own personal use.
• A Planner sticker page can only use up to 4 papers from one pack on one page and they must be under 4 inches in length. You can use more papers from one pack on a single page if you add elements to them such as just a blank box on top or type (It is not acceptable to just drop the paper patterns on a white background and sell them as is, no matter how small they are)
• Planner sticker pages that use clipart must have added elements to make them yours.

Includes printed stationery, cards, invitations, brochures, flyers, business cards, printed party, games, jewelry, t-shirts, home decor, etc.
• All creations must have enough of your own elements added to make it a new design.
• You can use print on demand sites like Zazzle, Cafepress, etc. to sell your designs. (These also must have added elements to make a new design)
• You cannot print fabric or wrapping paper on demand using Zazzle or a site similar.
• T-Shirts, Home Decor Items must incorporate your own design elements to make something new.

• You can print scrapbook paper as many times as you like for your own personal use.
• Printing scrapbook paper for resale is not allowed.
• You can print small batches of fabric for your own personal use.
• To sell yards of fabric you must purchase a separate license. Please contact me for details.
• Using Lilly Bimble digital paper or seamless patterns to make wrapping paper, scrapbook paper or fabric for sale on print on demand sites like Zazzle, etc. is not allowed.

• You can use our products commercially to create logo and web designs to sell if the clipart is part of the design.
• You may not sell a graphic as is as a logo by itself.
• You can use our art to create website/blog templates, banners, headers, footers, buttons and store front designs only if the design is flattened to 72 dpi and not extractable

• You can use all of our graphics for your personal projects only.
• You cannot sell our clipart or papers in a commercial scrapbook kit even it is altered.

• You can use our products personally or commercially.
• If using commercially do not include the original JPGS or PNGS in your file.

• You can use our graphics to create educational products for personal use or for selling.
• This product has the commercial use included for up to 500 products. If you plan on selling more you must purchase a mass production license.
• Teachers must create a disclamer inside their PDF files to protect our cliparts, such as "a copyright statement indicates PDF file can only be used for personal and classroom use"

• You cannot share graphics for free.
• All digital products must be sold to third parties for Personal Use Only.
• Reselling Lilly Bimble product files online is illegal as is the sharing or trading of files.
• You cannot sell our graphics as is and claim them as your own.
• All copyrights remain with Lilly Bimble.